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                                          About Career.li  ?

Careerli was founded in 2017 to help the modern-day job seeker or working professional to stand out from the crowd and achieve their career goals. At Careerli, we believe that everyone is unique and has something amazing to offer others. We provide services and free resources that will help you land the job of your dreams.

 ❤️ Our approach to helping you succeed is fun and laid back. We pride ourselves on providing the best career services because we focus on the individual and pay close attention to details. We do not believe in one size fits all approach, every individual has unique set of skills, different thought process and different way of solving problems.?

At Careerli, we understand that your career is one of the most important aspects of your life and so making the right choices is crucial to living a life that you enjoy and love. We aim to support you on that journey. Whether you are trying to discover what you’re passionate about or trying to land your dream job or looking for a promotion or maybe you simply want to improve yourself in the workplace… Our aim is to help you in every step of the way.

If you need a little push with your career, then we would be excited to help you achieve your career objectives. Check out our services and learn how we can be of help ?.

Careerli aims to create a community of people (Careerlists) who will help each other and give candid and genuine advice on what worked for them and what did not work so that other people can benefit from their experience. We want to build a community where people can seek mentorship and help from others and support each other in this ever-changing work environment. So if you can assist the community in any way or you wish to be a “Careerlist” Please reach out to us, we’d love to hear from you.

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Why Career.li Was Born ?


Hi Guys ?

Musty here, thank you for taking time out to look around Career.li ☺ You’re Super AWESOME!! ?

The main reason I founded Career.li was to help people to achieve their career goals. Over the years, I have noticed that people find it difficult to showcase their skills and abilities to companies, and so they lose out on incredible opportunities, I know this because I was in the same position a couple of years ago.  Through the years I mastered the psychology behind successful job applications and also successful careers. I read extensively and then applied all that I learned practically while hiring people and also while helping people land the job of their dreams ?  

What started off as a hobby has become a full-time commitment for me. Here is how it all started… During my spare time in graduate school, I would MBA students with their job application. I would help them write resumes, cover letters, essays, presentations and so on. Then before I knew it, I would get recommendations here and there to help people I didn’t know with their resumes and cover letters.  It reached a point where I was helping senior executives craft compelling resumes that got them better offers and enabled them to switch jobs easily ?

I loved what I was doing because I could see direct results and I was making a real impact in people’s lives. Helping an individual who has been out of work to get a job after a long time being jobless is PRICELESS.  Seeing a person close to tears after landing their DREAM JOB is PRICELESS. These are things I wouldn’t trade for anything else. ?

So after a while, I figured… Hey! Why not wake up to this each and every day! So I put together a small team and Career.li was born in 2016. My hope is that Careerli becomes a community that will change people’s lives by helping them achieve their goals.  ?

Founder Bio ?

Mustapha Yakubu is has a masters degree in management from IE Business School (Ranked the best business school in Europe – FT 2013). Before Careerli, He co-founded a startup called Frimb while in Madrid. He is also Managing Director at AIC Digital Consulting. He is the former Regional Manager of Jumia (the biggest E-commerce Company in Africa) backed by German-based Rocket Internet Group.

While he was a regional manager, he was directly responsible for the recruitment of over 3,000 sales agents. He also recruited over seven recruitment specialists. While at Frimb and AIC he has overseen the recruitment of people for different roles in business development, sales & marketing, Engineering, Product Management, Finance, R & D and so much more. He has helped hundreds of people land their dream jobs by helping them bring out the best of their skills and abilities. He believes everyone has something unique to offer.

His enjoys public speaking, reading biographies, traveling, playing soccer and anything tech. 

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